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Aircraft Waveoff Warning System
System Overview         Implementation plan         Technical Features


If there is a short period of time more than two aircraft at the airport one after another off the same runway, the airport and the nearby station after the discovery of this situation must immediately issue a warning to the other side, close monitoring of the flight conditions, to avoid too close to aircraft due to the occurrence of accident.
To achieve such a safe, reliable and convenient deployment of remote alarm system, commissioned by the Shanghai Pudong International Airport designed LIBANG solutions.


Remote alarm system has a variety of methods of implementation. For our clients specific circumstances and special requirements, a combination of reliability, running costs, technical feasibility of the program is simple and many other factors, and finally decided to use the transmission line communication.
Characterized by a high degree of reliability, and no special requirements on the line (ordinary phone line can be), technical implementation convenience, not only special applications can be a little low-cost can also be used to transform an ordinary civilian remote control or alarm system.

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