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Obstruction Light Control System
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What are the obstacles at high light?
High-altitude obstacle light, lamp, also known as air barriers. It is not the city decorations, but to provide for the safety of aviation lights. It is widely used in urban high-rise buildings and large buildings such as stations, bridges, communication towers, chimneys, and buildings around the airport, plane or other vehicle to avoid collision with the. Designed for high-altitude obstacle LIBANG light control system, are skyscrapers, tower of the important security.

LIBANG from Shanghai in 2003 to develop high-altitude obstacle light control system, is now running at five years, the Oriental Pearl perfection.

Technical Summary
The difficulty of the project is that the tower must be made at different positions of the obstacles on synchronized flashing lights, and after running a long time does not produce error. After the control system in order to make up the Oriental Pearl in perfect running LIBANG to overcome the huge number of unprecedented challenges:

  Ultra-long haul: the Oriental Pearl total more than 400 meters high, at different heights of the barriers on the distribution of light must always keep pace. To this end, the signal transmission in even a little bit of difference, because of the long transmission distance, it has become difficult technical problems must be solved;

  Super-interference: the Oriental Pearl TV Tower of transmitting power over 1000 watts, the signal covers the entire Shanghai. Up in the tower have a strong electric field, or even directly on multimeter to measure the objects. The entire control system must be resolved to launch the super-tower interference;

  Always on time: the past five years, dozens of barriers to synchronize lights always accurate. You can always concerned about the Pearl of the Orient in the night sky; the future will, as always.

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