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In addition to PCB circuit design, the same LIBANG can provide you with PCB board service system. You will be OK as long as the PCB circuit design document (protel or DXP format) sent to us, we will immediately deliver manufacturers. Industry by virtue of our own strengths and with the manufacturers a long time a good business relationship can be low-cost, low-volume production system (One Board Start). If you pay more than 200 expedited fee, we can arrange for you specially expedited production. If you provide the hand-drawn sketch of the circuit, we can provide you with professional graphics software, and then production and processing. If you need to copy the production of the original board, please see the PCB copy board business. If you have optimized the original sound circuitry required, please contact the author before the production of our circuit optimization.

U.S. PCB production system services required by the technical parameters are as follows:
  Minimum aperture: 0.3mm
  Minimum line width / space: 0.2/0.2mm
  The largest board size: 550 * 600mm
  Finished thickness :0.5-4 .0 mm
  Minimum inner layer thickness: 0.15mm
  Surface coating: spray tin, nickel, gold, nickel electroless gold, Anti-oxidation treatment
  Gold Finger Plating: gold plating thickness requirements of clients may be

PCB system board with the production and processing business, please contact:
021-53082071, Miss Liu

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