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In more than 200 solutions and cases designed by LIBANG, we have almost developed PCB circuit boards (PCB) for every customer. And after processing & production, we deliver the finished products to our customers. We have an experienced design team and the technical capability to face all the challenges with the strict professional attitude and the spirit of the pursuit of perfection, and provide you the qualified products.

At LIBANG, every piece of circuit board PCB (Printed Circuit Board) must go through the rigorous design and verification:
Drafted from the circuit design, component parameters, simulation test, we test ride circuit, modify the review, make the production of schematics, PCB netlist, the rules set up, component layout, wiring, inspection, review, export, design with the professional software according to the electrical schematic diagram, and finally deliver our design to factory for production. Everything we do is to ensure the quality of PCB board design to meet your request. Apart from commissioning an independent circuit design, you can also ask us to improve the circuit, do PCB copy, or optimize any electronic products.

We have designed the following products (items):
Various types of controller circuit boards and modules, signal processors, electric drive, infrared sensors, monitors, alarms, chargers, pagers, inverter, switching power supply, anti-theft alarm, switching power supply, air-conditioners panels, chargers, thermostat, timer and single-chip industrial control systems.
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