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LIBANG Advantages

  1. A wealth of development experience
  2. A wide range of development
  3. Cooperation with the well-known enterprises
  4. Flexible production model
  5. Preferential policies in colleges and universities
  6. Senior R & D team
  7. And readiness to take risks
  8. Major concern to users
  9. Better cost-effective
  10. Broad prospects for development
A wealth of development experience
We have a decade of development experience, the client had commissioned an independent development of hundreds of electronic products;
A wide range of development
Our different businesses, different organizations in different sectors to provide electronic solutions.
Manufacturers at mass-produced products, the laboratory at the University, at wind turbine, in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the design of our products all walks of life throughout the country;
Cooperation with the well-known enterprises
Us with a number of well-known enterprises have a long experience of cooperation.
Faced with the demanding requirements of customers vary from person to person, in the face of difficult technical problems faced by manufacturers of quality strictly, in the face of a variety of unforeseen challenges, the design quality LIBANG stood the test from beginning to end;
Flexible production model
With a flexible mode of production can LIBANG for any low-volume supplier of custom-made products, or even just a product;
Preferential policies in colleges and universities
The implementation of our institutions of higher learningPreferential policies: As long as LIBANG add "University Cooperation Program", University of customers will be able to enjoy an indefinite period of zero risk, low-cost, low-volume discount;
Senior R & D team
We have experienced R & D team. In SCM in the development of related industries, most of our design engineers have more than a decade of experience, even more than two decades, Chief Engineer;
And readiness to take risks
Our readiness to take risks. Development of new products have a very big risk, because there is no reference to any precedent, and prior can not anticipate all questions that may arise. However, the development of custom-made commissioned LIBANG new products, you need to do is to pay half of the advance payment, if the development fails, and you will LIBANG risksharing. As for the cooperation of colleges and universities add customers, and even do not have to bear any risk. The reason why LIBANG dare to make such a commitment, it is based on long-term development of their understanding of and confidence in the strength;
Major concern to users
Our major customers are most concerned about. LIBANG across the country are the first single-chip design and manufacturing development board STC chip manufacturers, professional users from our point of view, for the development of single-chip design and study a series of single-chip development board, and provided a typical line , demo program and related software, try to developers and beginners to build a simple experiment platform;
Better cost-effective
We have better value for money. Although LIBANG now a senior developer with experience and considerable research and development, but it is far from being a large scale, strong financial background, large enterprises. Precisely because of this, we design quality assurance under the premise of the relative benefits often quotation;
Broad prospects for development
We have broad prospects for development. With all the advantages mentioned above, based on a unique single-chip electronic technology vision and deep understanding, there is confidence in this LIBANG rapid development, promising to win a place in the industry.
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