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Thank you for visiting our website. This statement LIBANG site promises to protect user privacy. Terms of our privacy in order to be able to protect the effective functioning of web, to provide services for everyone. The hyperlinks within the website and provide web links to the website may have different privacy policy. Our privacy statement is improving, with the expansion of the scope of Services, will update the privacy statement at any time. If you decide to change our privacy policy, will be published on this page so that you always know us as well as information gathered by the use of information.
Please feel free to view our privacy statement. Personal website by clicking at the bottom of the home "Privacy Statement" button to view the terms of these privacy.

The collection of information
Like many other web, when you visit our website, our web server or system may automatically recognize and store information. This information includes: your browser pages, number of bytes to send, click the link to visit the information site, as well as the implementation of LIBANG at the other operations, including your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type and its functions and language, operating system, visit the site the date and time and your link to our web site is located, the objective information to help us to assess the characteristics of our website and decide how best to provide services for users.
If you submitted to us such as name, address, telephone number or e-mail personal information, we may have on our products, services or activities to contact you. (Probably because you are on these products, services or activities of interest).
We may or related parties, as well as assist us with our work with these third-party information sharing. We will not share this information with your identity.

The use of information
Without your permission, we will not work with us to the third party, as well as outside the company to disclose any aspect of your website to LIBANG through the provision of personal information, but the following exceptions:
Disclosure to service providers. We probably will ask on behalf of other companies to provide our web hosting, send information, handle transactions and analysis of web services. We will only disclose to the appropriate services required to provide the above-mentioned statistical information, and to prohibit these companies and their employees will be information for any other purpose.
Disclosure to distributors. In response to your request, we will probably give your information to provide products that our distributors. In these cases, we only provide these companies to respond to your request to provide the necessary personal information and prohibit these companies and their employees personal information for any other purpose. In some cases, the information will be shared with your distributors in addition to responding to the request for outside marketing purposes, we will be with the consent of your license. However, without your explicit consent, we will not share your information for marketing purposes.
Disclosure for other reasons. In the following circumstances, we may disclose personal information: the law; convinced that it must do so in accordance with applicable law or legal process; to protect and defend our rights or property; in case of emergency to protect the personal safety of any person or public safety.

See Personal Information
In some cases, you can access your personal information page where to see and correct through our website to provide information. In any case, you can ask to see and correct through our website to collect personal information, or contact us using the information to stop. If your mailing address, phone number or e-mail address change, please let us know so that we can maintain the accuracy of information.

Links to other sites
Our website may contain links to partners, distributors and certain customers, institutions and organizations, such as links to other sites. We will make every effort to ensure that only links with us to implement the same strict privacy standards and to respect the privacy of the site, but we are content to other sites, the implementation of security or privacy protection measures do not take responsibility.

Because of the rapid development of network technology, we will update the privacy of our systems. All amendments will be published at this site.
If you have any recommendations of this statement and questions, please feel free to write to the administrator:
159 Handan Road, Shanghai No. 16-B Block
Postal Code: 200437

For more detailed information, please contact us.

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